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Motor Management System.

The world's thinnest RC speed contoller.

In 1987 Corally decided to make the speed controller on their own.

In collaboration with the world's famous Dutch electronic manufacturer Philips, they have managed to produce the thinnest speed controller installed with a state of the art motor management system which had a huge impact to the RC world in the 80's. Corally's motor management system had two variations: One for 8 minutes racing for 1/12th class, and the other was 5 minutes racing for 1/10th class.

This 1/12 controller is working from my own collection.

Corally tires sizing machine.
Suitable for 1 / 12 wheels and 1 / 10 wheels.

This tires sizing machine is from my own collection. And is still regularly used

Corally SP10

The Corally SP10 was introduced in 1989. This is the first 1:10 that Corally launched on the market.

Showed model from my own collection and is in absolutely new condition.

This 1/10 controller is working from my own collection.