PK Corally  

In 1986 PK Models introduced the PK Corally.  By then the 1:12 glory days were over, so they had to come with the perfect 1:12 scale car. Significant improvements of the Schumacher C-car resulted in the PK Corally.

 The chassis plate, the power pod, and the front wheel suspension were all made of the same material: coral, a hard aluminium alloy.  The colours red and Alu-grey gave this model a high quality appearance.

This model came with some real novelties:  A compact damper, was constructed by placing fat filled rubbers into the front springs. Another novelty was the fact that the wheels had ball bearings and were attached with O-rings. The front wheel suspension was connected to the chassis plate by an upright axis with three O-rings. The back axis protruded through an oval tube, which was closed by a ball bearing adapter, thus making it easier to tune the ground clearance.

Showed model from my own collection is in perfect condition.








This complete and original PK Corally is never build. It is one from the first production series. Later versions have a hook in the middle of the front wheel suspension. Around it sat the famous O-ring.

Showed model from my own collection and is in absolutely new condition.